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Churchtown Stone Memorials
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Cleaning & Maintenance

The weather can affect the appearance of headstones over time as the stone becomes discoloured, or the lettering on the gravestone becomes eroded or indistinct. Churchtown Stone  will use careful cleaning and repair techniques to restore the grave and the kerbing around a graveside to a fitting state.

This work sometimes involves repairs to damaged lettering on headstones which can become weathered and unclear. The need arises to add new names or details the gravestone. We can add new details to headstones or repair existing lettering.

We can provide a number of options on the best solution to cleaning your headstone.  Headstones are viewed prior to a quotation as there are a number of ways to clean a headstones including Sandblasting, power washing, chemical treatment.

Maintenance Services

  • Headstones

  • Cornerstones

  • Surrounds

  • Facing Stone

  • Additional Names 

  • Cleaning

  • Chippings

Restoration Services call for a quick quote and for price estimates.


What can I use to clean headstones?

There are many ways to clean headstones and memorials, always consult with an expert first, you will see and hear all types of solutions on the internet. It only takes a few minutes, to pick up a phone and call, or send an email. It will save you doing irreversible damage, or save you a lot of hassle. 

Churchtown Stone & Memorials Tel: 06962707